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The Bellbrook Fire Department can trace its roots back to 1836 when the village council ordered John R. Dinwiddle be allocated $23.00 for the purchase of fire hooks, ropes and ladders. The equipment was housed at the Methodist Church at the corner of East Franklin and East Streets and was ready for use at a moments notice.

In 1919, a fire destroyed eight buildings in the northwest corner of what is now the intersection of Main and Franklin Streets. Four years later, the village purchased it's first fire engine: a 3-gallon portable chemical fire engine mounted on a cart. The engine was pulled by horses or several men. Eight years later, the village authorized the purchase of the city's first motorized fire engine.

The Sugarcreek-Bellbrook Fire Department was organized in 1949, with Howard Penewit at the helm as the department's chief. The department quickly took shape with the construction of a new fire station downtown and the purchase of new equipment.

The department has continuiously updated it's equipment and facilities. The department added a fire station at the corner of North Linda Drive and West Franklin Street in 1972, and another at the corner of East and East Franklin Streets in 1982.

Township residents filed a petition in 1987 to remove the city from the township, which forced the department to divide not only personnel, but resources and equipment as well. The Bellbrook Fire Department was born, retaining the station at 4254 W. Franklin Street.

The city operated an additional station after an addition to the service department building was completed in 1992. The station moved to it's current location, 35 N. West Street, in 1996 when the city procured and renovated a commercial structure at that location.

In 1999, the department's first chief, Joseph Knopp, retired and Captain Scott Hall was promoted to the position of Fire Chief.