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Medic 22 (2012) is an ambulance equipped to handle almost any emergency. Paramedics and EMTs are able to look at a picture of your heart with a heart monitor, give you oxygen to help you breathe, and even start intravenous lines, just like at the hospital. The medic also carries equipment to help you if you're injured. If you have a broken bone, they can put a splint on you.


rescue22Rescue 22 (1995) is a heavy rescue truck capable of carrying 5 firefighters. On board you'll find the "Jaws of Life," a set of hydraulic tools we use to cut apart cars. You'll also find rope rescue equipment, wood for shoring cars or buildings and even a way for firefighters to fill air bottles at a fire when they're empty. Rescue 22 carries EMS equipment as well, including an AED to provide first aid to heart attack victims.



Ladder 22 (1995) is a 75-foot aerial ladder capable of reaching the top of any building in Bellbrook. It has space for 5 firefighters and carries numerous ground ladders, rescue saws and firefighting tools. It also has a water pump and a tank, so it can perform just like a fire engine.



Engine22Engine 22 (2012) is our newest engine.  It is capable of carrying 4 firefighters.  Engine 22 carries 750 gallons of water as well as a foam firefighting system.  This foam system allows us to use less water to put out a fire. The foam and water mixture is more effective at extinguishing and keeping a fire out.  Engine 22 also carries its own set of hydraulic rescue tools, including the "Jaws of Life", and its own medical bag that has almost everything in it that the Medics have.



Medic 23 (2000) is a reserve ambulance that can be used in place of Medic 21 or Medic 22.  This reserve ambulance is fully equipped and always ready to be placed into action.