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Medic 21 is an ambulance equipped to handle almost any emergency. Paramedics and EMTs are able to look at a picture of your heart with a cardiac monitor, give you oxygen to help you breathe, and even start intravenous lines, just like at the hospital. The medic also carries equipment to help you if you're injured. If you have a broken bone, they can put it in a splint.

engine21Engine 21 is a fire engine capable of carrying 4 firefighters, but it usually just takes 3.  Engine 21 carries 750 gallons of water as well as a foam firefighting system.  This foam system allows us to use less water to put out a fire. The foam and water mixture is more effective at extinguishing and keeping a fire out.  Engine 21 also carries its own set of hydraulic rescue tools, including the "Jaws of Life", and its own medical bag that has almost everything in it that the Medics have. 

The Fire Chief uses the staff car for Incident Command operations at emergency incidents. Inside this vehicle is a command area with city maps and guides. The console also has a slide out tray with an air pack, forcible entry tools and a flashlight.



Capt CarChief CarThe Captains also have staff cars.  These vehicles are equipped the same as Chief's vehicle to respond to incidents.




ATV 22

ATV 22, our Fast Response Vehicle. This vehicle is used during festivals and football games to assist with moving sick or injured persons.  The Bellbrook Firefighters would like to say thank you to our sponsors who helped us purchase this piece of equipment. (Sponsors: Ohio State Aerie Fraternal Order of Eagles, Bellbrook Lions Club, Bellbrook Athletic Boosters, Dayton Sports Medicine Institute, Home Depot, Sugarcreek Walmart).